Rev_rant part 4

Chipp Walters chipp at
Wed Nov 15 16:44:18 EST 2006

Yep, Dave seems to confuse the concept of upgrades vs support. He tends to
use them interchangeably, when arguably, they are not.

On 11/15/06, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at> wrote:
> I suppose so, but I didn't write about Rev's support.
> I replied to the comments about upgrade fees:
> <
> >

On a lighter note, Chris and I were compiling our list of
"You know you're an Enterprise Developer when..."

1. CORBA isn't just a girl's name
2. 4 hours of meetings = 10 minutes of programming
3. Your Java Beans don't make coffee
4. You never heard of "HyperCard"
5. You are proud to say you've never had to actually use C
6. You'd rather lose your NFL satellite subscription than MSDN
7. You only see your PHB when he wants you to add a <blink> tag to the
company's home page.
8. When someone's says "Mac" your first thought is "add fries with that"

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