AAAAUGH! Cursor, enter problems

MisterX b.xavier at
Wed Nov 15 14:28:01 EST 2006

ok, I keep getting this "tip" cue wrong... 

Can't read it all since got in my cyberfeeds! 

but I tried...

object menu -> "card script"

script editor window opens, a line is selected...

I press "return", the line is replaced with the return

I press control-Z, nothing happens

I go to the script editors' edit menu and choose undo

nothing happens...

I click on revert to breathe again...

had I pressed the enterkey...

the script window goes away (90-70% of the time assuming you didn't press
any keys after it opened - it still asks you to save the script, I know,
I've got it at least 3 billion times)...

you're either not using windows, got a weird frontscript somewhere or your
keyboard's control key is stuck (pound it a few times)...

All I could find...


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> On 11/15/06 11:31 AM, "MisterX" <b.xavier at> wrote:
> > Although it's called enter on your physical keyboard, the 
> return key 
> > is indeed the return key. The "enter" key in rev is the 
> keypad's enter 
> > key only.
> Actually, Xavier, Mike tried both - his original post:
> > Second, if I open the script using the Object Menu, and hit 
> "enter" to 
> > terminate a line (it doesn't matter if it's the enter on 
> the main part 
> > of the kb or the numeric enter) the script closes.
> It's possible it may be a keyboard configuration issue. I 
> know on some Mac laptops for example, you can simulate a true 
> "enter" by holding down the Fn key and hitting the Return key 
> on the keyboard. I'm thinking that perhaps there's some 
> config that lets you map one to another.
> Mike, what computer/os are you getting this on?
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