AAAAUGH! Cursor, enter problems

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Nov 15 12:46:14 EST 2006

Mikey wrote:
> I'm still waiting for a suggestion on how to modify the behavior. 
> On a windoze box the "return" key is also labeled an "enter" key. 

An unfortunate decision, given that the computer keyboard was based on 
the typewriter, where "Return" physically moved the carriage to return 
the page to the left margin to start a new line.

How PC manufacturers managed to forget what Return means is a mystery to 
me, but they've repeated that mistake so consistently that now we live 
in a world where most young folks have never seen a typewriter in use, 
and they generally don't understand that Enter near the home row 
triggers a different code than Enter on the numeric pad. :(

So cross-platform software developers have lost what could have been a 
useful distinction.

> In my case what I mean is that the "return" key behaves like the "enter"
> key, but ONLY IN RR.  I know this because I have other development
> tools that have different behaviors for the keys, but they behave as I
> would expect.

On Windows?

Mac keyboards continue to label the Return key correctly, allowing 
software developers to distinguish it easily for their users.

But how does a Windows developer tell a user to press the Return key 
when it's mistakenly labeled something else?

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