Revolution in Programming for Dummies (was RE: Rev_rant part 4)

Dave dave at
Wed Nov 15 06:16:25 EST 2006

On 14 Nov 2006, at 22:21, Lynn Fredricks wrote:

>> That's very interesting - I had no idea that Rev was
>> receiving any mainstream coverage as a platform.  I'll have
>> to take a look at that book next time I'm in a bookshop.  Now
>> that I think of it, it is obvious that any book that was
>> really interested in getting someone started with programming
>> (especially any GUI programming) should be using Rev as a
>> teaching device.
>> However, I doubt it if would cut any ice with Dave's
>> colleagues writing in C++, XML, Postscript, etc.  :-)
> He can point out that its accepted enough to gather interest from  
> the book
> market - which is quite conservative.

I really don't need to do that. I have over 30+ years experience in  
the software/hardware industry and have built a really cool group of  
stacks that I demo to the engineers or managers and show them how  
easy it is to develop in RunRev/ISM. They fall in love with it. The  
problem is that when they read the sales small print (in this case)  
and see support is not included. Also I have developed my system in  
2,6,6 (2.6,1?) and they can only download 2.7.x which had a lot of  
problems with Windows XP and caused headaches because of the  
stackVersion problem.

> There are plenty of shops that feel strongly about one particular  
> language
> or the other - plenty of C/C++ developers that think of Visual  
> Basic as a
> "toy language".

This is true, but there are also a lot of other developers that think  
it's cool and the right tool for writing GUI's. Also there are also  
lots of managers that want to pay less for software development. I've  
sold3 or  4 copies of RunRev up to now, and could probably have  
doubled that if not for the issues that I have mentioned.

> There are times when C/C++ is the only way to go. But there
> are specific advantages to a product like Revolution, and one of  
> them is the
> ability to whip out a prototype or custom utility very, very  
> quickly, and
> deploy it on multiple operating systems - "very, very quickly on runs
> natively on operating systems" means something, and having to spend  
> x5 the
> time in creating a cross-platform app with C++ means at least x5  
> the budget
> is needed. That makes Rev an inviting choice to those who pay the  
> wages of
> the doubters.

Yes, that's how I sell it I also write external commands where  
necessary to speed up any areas that are too slow using TranScript  
(such as heavy image processing). However, what really sells the  
product (for me) is that using ISM I can speed up the development  
even further, since I can literally re-use 99% of my screen objects  
and code.

All the Best

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