Philosophy of build numbers

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10.3.9 followed by 10.3.10? Not Not 10.4.0? Not 10.3.91?
How much easier to have 10.03009 followed by 10.03010.
Or if it is a more significant update: 10.04000.

One of the biggest advantages of the "point 5" system is the ability to 
run the same sequence for builds and customer releases. The way I use 
it: the digits to the left of the decimal are the version; the two 
digits to the right of the decimal are for customer releases and the 
last three are for builds (or really minor updates). It is really easy 
to release a build at any time, it's already numbered!
Paul Looney

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    > I helps avoid the situation where you run out of space for 
  > what comes after OS X 10.3.9? Or 10.4.9? Or 10.9 - if the world is 
  How would you run out of numbers?! After 10.3.9 comes 10.3.10 ;-) On a 
weird note I was looking into "version numbers" last week and read a 
nice article on Wikipedia: 
  As regards to build numbers, I think using both is very handy, my eMac 
runs Mac OS X 10.3.9 (build 7W98) so you can see Apple uses both.. The 
build number isn't something that is normally visible to the end-user 
(they're heavily used during the testing stages though). 
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