Revolution in Programming for Dummies (was RE: Rev_rant part 4)

Bernard Devlin revolution at
Tue Nov 14 15:54:59 EST 2006

Lynn said:

Just point them to the wildly popular Wiley Publisher's Dummies book:
Beginning Programming for Dummies 4th Edition recently released where
Revolution receives a lot of coverage, esp compared to ALL of the above.

That's very interesting - I had no idea that Rev was receiving any  
mainstream coverage as a platform.  I'll have to take a look at that  
book next time I'm in a bookshop.  Now that I think of it, it is  
obvious that any book that was really interested in getting someone  
started with programming (especially any GUI programming) should be  
using Rev as a teaching device.

However, I doubt it if would cut any ice with Dave's colleagues  
writing in C++, XML, Postscript, etc.  :-)

Lynn, until I can get a look at that book, are you saying that his  
treatment of Rev is more favourable than the others?  Do you know  
what the sales figures are for the book?  If the answer to the first  
question is 'yes', and the second is 'a lot', then that should be  
good news for Rev sales.


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