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Tue Nov 14 11:38:55 EST 2006


Is there really an xTalk "standard"?  xTalk is an invention of this
group to describe the various descendants of HyperTalk.  I have never
seen a "standard", as the dialects can be somewhat different.  HT
never required "the", and to my recollection, neither did SuperCard.
If there is a "standard" then I want the name of whomever the Keeper
of the Standard is, since the Revolution grammar has some restrictions
that I would like to have addressed.

Generally the "the" does not get me into trouble, since I tend to not
use abbreivations either, but it does, on occasion.

As for "getting used to it", I've been developing in HC since (almost)
day 1, which was just about 20 years ago, and I still have multiple
production systems running on old Quadras that still use it, so I am
working in it frequently.

However, since I have a new fascination with the potential ability to
hack (and therefore fix some of the things in) RR, the quirks and
annoyances of it lead me to ask these sorts of questions.  RR has its
advantages over HC, but it also has nagging issues and bugs that are
still in play.

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