Quartz Composer and Revolution

Brent Anderson brentj84062 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 20:02:59 EST 2006


I've had this on the back burner for a while, but I haven't done  
anything about it until now. If you have a Mac and Apple's Developer  
tools, you can create a .mov file that will access your iSight camera  
(Or anything else that can be made in Quartz Composer, for that  
matter). Note that I have only tested the .mov file on my Mac. If you  
can get a hold of one and move it to a PC, let everybody know how it  

I'm not going to go over quartz entirely, here is the simple way to  
make the iSight movie.

Go to Quartz Composer (/Developer/Applications/Graphics Tools/Quartz  
Composer) and create a new composition. It should be blank, so if it  
fills it in with a template, just delete all the components with a  
quick Apple + A and delete. From there, add a Billboard component and  
a Video Input. Drag from the Image output on the Video Input module  
to the Image input on the Billboard module. Save this if you like or  
make your own tweaks to it. Once you're ready to move into  
Revolution, go to File > Export as QuickTime Movie (Cmd + E) and save  
it to your disk. It really doesn't matter how long you make it, since  
it is all rendered on the fly anyway (My five minute clip was 8 kb).

Now for the easy part: Go to Revolution, create a new stack (if you  
don't have one up already), create a Player control, and set the  
fileName (Media to use) of it to the filepath of your movie. It will  
bring it up in your stack, but it will not be live. To make it live  
content, all you have to do is start your player going using "start  
player "player"" in the message box.

 From here, it's very easy to create complex animations and effects  
all from the comfort of Quartz Composer. If anyone finds any really  
great effects, post them here!

Brent Anderson

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