filter command - problems

Chris Sheffield cmsheffield at
Mon Nov 13 11:28:19 EST 2006

Can anyone tell me why this isn't working?

I've got a field with contents like this:


Where [tab] = an actual tab character. I want to apply a filter like  

filter tLevelInfoTemp with (item 1 of tLicense & tab & "*")

The variable tLevelInfoTemp contains the contents of the field, where  
"item 1 of tLicense" would contain one of the values in the first  
column of the field contents (1.0, 1.3, 1.5, etc.). For some reason  
the above filter does not work. I get an empty string returned. It  
seems like I've used this kind of filter before and had it work just  
fine, but maybe I'm wrong about that. If I remove the tab from the  
filter, it sort of works. For example, if item 1 of tLicense is  
"3.0i", I do get back that line. However, if item 1 of tLicense is  
"3.0", I still get back the line starting with "3.0i", which is not  
what I want.

So why is it I can't use the tab as part of the filter to help  
identify the correct line? Or am I going about this filter thing all  
wrong? Any help is appreciated.


Chris Sheffield
Read Naturally
The Fluency Company

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