Hacking RR

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at hrz.uni-kassel.de
Mon Nov 13 11:08:16 EST 2006

On Mon Nov 13, Mikey mikeythek at gmail.com wrote:

> Chipp and Shao
> I haven't found the location of the IDE stacks yet, although I haven't
> performed an exhaustive search, either, so where are they?
> I'm not necessarily looking to edit the IDE on a permanent basis -
> more like experimenting and poking around for the sake of figuring out
> how to backscript-hack what I want to change.
> That said, there are certain things in the IDE that I don't like, and
> I may consider changing for myself only (development stuff).

The IDE stacks are located in folder "toolset", including the visible 
"revMenuBar" and "revTools" that appear when you start Revolution. Of 
special importance is stack "revlibrary" from which a number of settings 
are applied at startup. The front- and backscripts are also inserted 
from here (see for example handler "revloadlibraries" in the script of 
group "revlibraries" of stack "revlibrary").

-- Wilhelm Sanke

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