appearance of standalone is different than stack

Bill Marriott wjm at
Sun Nov 12 22:20:10 EST 2006


You're using some version of 2.7, right? (Which one?)

This is a known bug:

Please log in to Bugzilla and add your vote to fix this bug. You should also 
review the existing comments to see if you can add anything. There are also 
some workarounds mentioned, I believe.

Also, If you have not done so already, please subscribe to the Rev "open 
beta" at

"Douglas Ivers" <doug_ivers at> wrote 
in message news:B947D07A-B7D5-45A5-B343-89BC6EAEFFA6 at
>I develop on Mac OS 10.  I'm creating standalones for Mac PowerPC and 
>Universal.  I don't understand why the standalone looks like an old  mac 
>classic app rather than "aqua" (except the 3 little round buttons  at upper 
>left - those are aqua).  This didn't happen in an earlier  version of Rev 
>(2.6, I think).
> -Douglas
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