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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sat Nov 11 23:04:49 EST 2006

Scott Morrow wrote:
> Ken,
> I have implemented your method of checking the folder path. Thank you. 
> However, it seems a best available solution rather than a completely 
> reliable one.
> For instance, if there is a folder path:
> /Users/myname/Desktop/billing/September/September
> and I point my ask file at the first "September" folder
> and I type in:     September/earnings.txt      as my file name
> then a file      earnings.txt       will be created in the second 
> "September" folder.  No data is lost and saving does take place but it 
> feel like I should be able to keep this from happening to my users

I don't think this can happen. The user can type a folder name and slash 
into the file name area in the "ask file" dialog, but when the script 
tries to create the file, an error is returned ("can't open file".) I 
think all you have to do is try to write the file and check the result. 
If the result isn't empty, put up an error dialog and ask them to try 
again with a valid file name.

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