the solution to the non-working menushortcuts... (how to hack the ide anyone?)

MisterX b.xavier at
Sat Nov 11 15:20:44 EST 2006

intrigued that my HotKeyNO2 frontscripts were not getting the message, or
hit with these controlkeydown events, I started to poke at the rev
frontscript, backscripts...

This is a typical missing pass statement in a library...

Open the msg box and click on the frontscript button, click on show rev GUI

Doubleclick on the revfrontscript...

Delete the third line that shouldn't be there.

find the menupick handler...

do this little edit...
  --if not gREVSuppressMessages or (gREVSuppressMessages and revOKTarget())
   pass menuPick

do the same for rawkeydown, controlkeydown, commandkeydown, and where

Things should work much better... 

I don't know what this will do for the ide though. I just like to play with
fire sometimes...

What I did notice though is that the global gREVSuppressMessages is not in
use according to the variable watcher... Maybe I need to use the message
watcher for it to appear... But after a few tries, the global doesn't appear
at all.

Copy and paste seems to work better! Undo doesn't still. The script editor's
menu shortcuts remain cripled but copy paste works again!

A forthcoming utility may help find the culprit. It may be the engine, but
doubtful as the menu does work when you call it...


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