Hacking RR

Mikey mikeythek at gmail.com
Sat Nov 11 13:59:26 EST 2006


The question is - how many different stacks are there that make up RR?
 I've been playing with the Properties stack over the last few days,
but I'm having some difficulty with it right now.  It seems to be
relatively touchy, and I'm trying to NOT have to learn some of the
undocumented things.

For example:  I was working on a handler to intercept "c" and "s"
similar to what HC diid.  However, there doesn't seem to be a way to
deterministically figure out which card in the Properties stack will
correspond to the current card/stack/etc.  Currently the Properties
stack contains 69 cards, but writing a generic handler requires that I
understand how it works, which I have not been able to do yet.

The fact that RR is hackable is encouraging, but I'm trying to
shortcut the learning of some of this, so I don't have to spend weeks
trying to read through scripts if possible.

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