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Sat Nov 11 00:19:56 EST 2006

Well, you know,

even though I mentioned  the plight of the poor Linux/Unix/*nix user, I
suspect that some of the problems experienced or features nonexistent on
that platform may well be beyone Rev's control and lie more with the OS.

FWIW...  Let me know please if I am wrong about this so that I'll have a
better idea what to tell the odd *nix user I have next semester in the Rev


On Sat, 11 Nov 2006, MisterX wrote:

> Way to go Bill!
> >
> > The second thing I want to point out is that this is a
> > no-features release TOTALLY driven by our feedback and bug
> > reports. I can't think of many (if
> > any) other companies that have taken quite this approach before.
> If any, most enterprise PC products (which I work with) do this even for 2
> or 3 year old licensed products.
> But im glad this is finally happening in Rev's world.
> > If you, like me, felt you were "wandering in the desert" or
> > frustrated by the impression that an esoteric feature was
> > taking priority over some aggravating problem... come in out
> > of the cold and fret no more. I've had every assurance -- and
> > I believe them -- that Bugzilla will be what drives this update.
> > So now is the time for everyone to make friends with Bugzilla:
> >
> > http://support.runrev.com/bugdatabase
> >
> > Dust off your old bugs, file new reports, and vote for the
> > ones filed by others that affect you most. We ESPECIALLY need
> > to transform all the "anybody else see this happening?" chat
> > on the list into actual, full-fledged bug reports that can be
> > tracked and resolved. So I hope you'll go through your prior
> > posts right now and begin transforming them into Bugzilla
> > bugs as appropriate.
> Problem is that 5 votes max per bug for a PC problem innundated
> by Mac votes on other issues will not be concequential at the
> end of the day... And any user can only vote what? 20 issues
> to the max? Assuming he hasn't voted for other bugzillas...
> > You'll remember that I was pretty skeptical about the value
> > of Bugzilla, given its Byzantine interface, the time
> > investment it took to file a decent report, and the
> > assumption the reports didn't "go" anywhere. Well, Bugzilla
> > still is an ugly, drooling beast, but I *AM* now convinced
> > that filing reports will be worth every minute of effort. I
> > am confident the reports will be read and acted upon. So,
> > let's take Runrev up on their pledge and channel our energies
> > into documenting the problems we've found.
> Actually, I met another manufacturer's bugzilla thing... It's a
> 6 page form per bug entry system. If you don't get it right in
> the first page, you can't see the right stuff in the second page!
> And my first bug entry took 3 hours in total because we have to
> the HW's serial number in the right location etc... Hell on the
> web! Bugzilla in comparison is Mac-simple!!!
> > Finally, those of you who've been around a while know I've
> > been something of a gadfly on the list. I "tell it like it
> > is" and I don't pull any punches.
> welcome to the fly-in-the-soup club ;)
> > I'm hoping that Runrev's selection of me to lead the
> > community in defining this release demonstrates to everyone
> > Runrev's credibility. When they say they intend to make 2.7.5
> > the best-ever version of Rev, eliminate the bugs, and make it
> > a joy to use... I believe them.
> can't wait to see how far this goes!
> > The "Open Community Beta" won't last forever. We need to
> > pound on it "early and often." So please don't delay. Go to
> >
> > http://support.runrev.com/beta_test.php
> >
> > right away and sign up for the beta RIGHT NOW. When your key
> > code and download links arrive (very likely, Monday) please
> > download and throw your best punches.
> Here's an abdomen punch: Unix/Solaris support is missing!?!
> cheers
> Xavier
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