Altuit sale of altBrowser, altSQLite and altFont to RunRev

Jim Ault JimAultWins at
Fri Nov 10 20:12:39 EST 2006

Congratulations Chris and Chipp!
I use altBrowser every day in my business and am glad that Rev is adding it
to the externals they will offer.  Just starting with altSQLite, but will be
doing much more with it in the coming months.

Looking forward to the future.
Jim Ault 
Las Vegas

On 11/10/06 1:15 PM, "Chipp Walters" <chipp at> wrote:

> Well, most of you probably have already read the latest news, but I thought
> I could add our take on things.
> Today we announced the imminent sale of three of our best selling add-ons to
> Runtime Revolution.
> The three products are altBrowser, altSQLite, and altFont. All are externals
> which enhance the capabilities of the RunRev development platform and
> standalones. For more information on what they do, please visit our website
> at Here are some answers to some obvious questions:
> So why did Chris and I do this?
> We have felt for sometime now, Chris has pushed the external architecture to
> it's limits with altBrowser. With RunRev now becoming the owner, there are
> many things they can do to even make it better, as well as integrate it more
> thoroughly with the IDE. altSQLite is the only single-user DB available for
> RR which runs on all 3 platforms-- plus the footprint is considerably
> smaller than all others. It's a natural fit for RunRev, especially for users
> of other databases like FileMaker who wish to jump out from under
> restrictive licensing terms. And altFont was thrown in for 'good measure!'
> When does the sale take place?
> Starting December 1, you can no longer purchase any of the 3 from Altuit.
> What about support?
> We will continue to support versions purchased from us up until Dec 1. We
> are not obligated to support any of the products after Dec 1. If you ask
> nicely, we will probably help out. ;-)
> Do existing users get free or discounted upgrades?
> This has not yet been determined. Purchasing a new version today does not
> allow you a free upgrade when RR's version comes out in Q1, so unless you
> really need the functionality now, you may wish to wait.
> What if I need to buy altBrowser, altSQLite or altFont between Dec 1 and
> when RR ships the new version in Q1 2007?
> You'll need to discuss it directly with the Runtime Revolution folks.
> Does this mean Altuit will no longer be making externals or other products
> for Rev users?
> Nope, we still may release some external products in the future. We
> currently still have a free grouping of plugins available for developers
> along with MagicCarpet, InterfaceDesigner, and ButtonGadget available for
> all you guys and gals.
> Does this mean Altuit is leaving the RunRev platform?
> Not anytime soon. Unless someone can point us to a product which allows us
> to develop client apps like ChartWizard
> <>
> IN A SINGLE DAY, I seriously doubt it. Plus, we have many many clients who
> depend on RunRev applications built by us for them who all need support and
> next generation products.
> Did you guys make a boatload of money from this?
> We wish. Actually the terms are a big trade secret, but needless to say,
> Chris and I won't be making any unscheduled stops in Vegas anytime soon. The
> primary incentive for doing this was not money. A real bonus is, we believe
> it helps to make RR a stronger and more viable platform. Discussions with
> Kevin over the past month have been very positive regarding the future of
> quality control for our beloved development platform, as evidenced by the
> public beta announcement made today.
> Thanks to all for the great support of our products. We hope to onetime
> again amaze you guys with some newer, neater stuff!
> best, Chipp and Chris
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