Clipboard Anomally [BUG]?

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Fri Nov 10 15:44:46 EST 2006

Mark MacKenzie wrote:
> I need to be able to do this as well, for a registration stack 
> function.  I have awful trouble with the copy and paste function 
> (to/from clipboard) not working as it should.  You have described it 
> perfectly.

One thing you might have to do is add a pasteKey handler to the dialog 
card. In my app, there are not yet any menus loaded when the initial 
registration window appears, so there is no automatic editing 
capabilities. I don't need copying, but I did need pasting, so I added 
this to the card:

on pasteKey
  put the clipboardData["text"] into fld "myRegField"
end pasteKey

Or you might want to use "the selectedfield" if you allow pasting to any 
field. If you do need the ability to copy, take a look at "copyKey" in 
the docs and write a handler to catch that message too.

Adding the pasteKey handler got it working for me on all platforms, 
except that on Windows it works only some of the time.

> Regards
> Mark MacKenzie
> J. Landman Gay wrote:
>> I restarted WinXP, copied some text in Notepad, closed Notepad, 
>> reopened Notepad, and pasted. It worked. Then I relaunched Revolution, 
>> made a new stack with a field, and pasted. And that worked too. So it 
>> isn't consistent. Today's test seems to show that Rev doesn't 
>> automatically clear the clipboard.
>> I wish I could pin down when it fails, because I have a standalone 
>> with a registration dialog that users paste a serial number into. If 
>> they copy the serial from an email and launch my app, it only pastes 
>> sporadically. If the dialog is already open when they flip over to 
>> email to copy, it pastes every time.
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