Custon Modal Dialogs Problems

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Fri Nov 10 15:01:49 EST 2006

I've been creating custom answer and ask modal dialogs, mainly 
because I want HTML prompts, cancel to return 'cancel' instead of 
empty, and the capability to have empty be empty.

For some reason, however, I'm getting a strange situation when the 
modal stack is launched.

When clicking around the edges of the dialog, the mousedown message 
gets sent to a field below, which does have some mousedown handlers.

After one click, the dialog works normally. It's like the focus is 
shifted to the calling card just after the dialog is drawn.

launch again, this time when I try to click-drag on the titlebar to 
move the dialog window, a field just above and behind the dialog gets 
selected as if I had dragged it.

I'm not using any special code that we haven't discussed here previously.

has anyone noticed this in Rev lately? If so, I'll BZ it.

Runtime Revolution:	 v2.7.4
Environment:	development
Platform:	MacOS
License Type:
Build #	291
MacOS	10.4.8

stephen barncard
s a n  f r a n c i s c o
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