Clipboard Anomally [BUG]?

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at
Thu Nov 9 20:29:59 EST 2006

On 11/9/06, Chipp Walters <chipp at> wrote:

> Isn't there a simpler open up BBEdit, select text, copy, then
> paste into fld "text"?

Sorry, I didn't even make that clear:-(

As a recipe for showing the bug, no, what you propose does not do it.
Or doesn't do it frequently. I do have a firm belief that the
'trigger' for the bug is switching between apps. I typically have
several apps open and copy and paste code snippets from them. This
includes Preview and/or Acrobat, BBEdit and CopyPaste. But it's never

As a recipe for getting BBEdit text into a Rev field, what you suggest
works 99.9% of the time, and I acknowledge that my process isn't a
logical way to get a text file into Rev, but I'm more focused on a
100% repeatable situation where the clipboard contains text, but Rev
won't paste it.

Now I hope I've expressed myself clearly:-)

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