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Thu Nov 9 12:23:37 EST 2006

  Again that worked great.  I'm going to try to feed it into a progress
bar next.  Jeff

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On 9 Nov 2006, at 14:55, jhonken wrote:

> Dave,
>   Thanks that works great.  I'm still not understanding how the 
> "libUrlSetStatusCallback works.  I've been reading the docs and I keep

> getting an error with the following test code:
> libURLSetStatusCallback "myProgress",the long ID of me
> go stack URL "" in a new window
> put myProgress into fld "tester"
> I have a button that is executing the code above and an empty field 
> called "tester".

myProgress is the name of a handler (message). Try something like this:

on mouseUp
   libURLSetStatusCallback "myProgress",the long ID of me
   go stack URL ""
end mouseUp

on myProgress pUrl, pStatusString
   put pStatusString into field "tester"
end myProgress

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