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Thu Nov 9 00:26:22 EST 2006

As the folks on this list who know me understand quite well, I work with a
number of different tool sets depending on the problem I'm trying to solve,
the deployment environment called for, and other variables.

For the problems for which it is the appropriate solution -- and the size of
that set is quite large -- nothing I use is  more efficient or effective
than Revolution. Period. End of story. Even taken in the abstract, it is
easily in the top two or three languages/tools I use for my software

As Josh says, there is no such thing as bug-free non-trivial software (my
twist on his observation). But when all is said and done, Rev and Transcript
are closer to an ideal environment in which to develop cross-platform
desktop applications with minimal pain and fuss and attention to
cross-platform implementation details than anything else I use.

On 11/8/06, Josh Mellicker <josh at> wrote:
> It's a jungle out there folks, let's face it. RR has and is
> continuing to do an incredible and often thankless job providing
> developers with a tool that, albeit far from perfect, gets the job
> done better (for many projects) than other options from multibillion
> dollar companies with hundreds of programmers, QC staff (what do they
> do all day?), and tech support (good luck ever getting a decent
> answer- or an answer at all).
> RR rates at the top in my opinion in terms of a workable solution,
> and even higher because of the tireless job so many of the expert
> developers do supporting people on this list and with their many
> freely downloadable example stacks to help us newbies find the trail.
> So here's a newbie saying a big hooray and smilie for RR, Heather,
> and all the great people on this list.
> H O O R A Y !!!
> : )

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