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Wed Nov 8 08:01:30 EST 2006

Dear Folks,

On 8 Nov 2006, at 09:29, use-revolution-request at wrote:

> Love, Abuse and other muffled noises, Richmond :)

LOL. Thank you. I needed a laugh this morning.

God bless Richmond, our inhouse Exasperation De-Luxe. You may keep  
the medal for now and remember, list membership is a privilege... get  
back in the cellar and close the door, we'll have no rudeness here!  
(Folks, I can say this because I know Richmond has a sense of humour,  
and he knows I have no intention of insulting him. See, smiley :)).

I declare this thread to be dead. Lets get back to helping each other  
with using Revolution.

Heather Nagey

Customer Services Manager
Runtime Revolution Ltd

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