Position of tabs in tabbed button

Roger.E.Eller at sealedair.com Roger.E.Eller at sealedair.com
Tue Nov 7 19:50:22 EST 2006

> On 11/7/06 4:39 AM, "Martin Blackman" <martinblackman at gmail.com> wrote:
>> List users,
>> Is there any way one can change the 'alignment' of tabs in a tabbed 
button ?
>> By default they are at the left, I'd like to try them on the right
>> hand side to make a GUI of mine more compact.
> Not that I'm aware of...
> Ken Ray
> Sons of Thunder Software, Inc.

That would be a great enhancement request though. Left, center, or right 
alignment would be a nice choice to have. It would also be nice to have an 
option for vertical tabs. A workaround is to use multiple buttons that use 
icon images designed to look like tabs, and position them as you like. The 
good thing about this method is your tabs will look the same on all 
platforms (if that is what you want).

Roger Eller <roger.e.eller at sealedair.com>

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