Chipp Walters chipp at
Tue Nov 7 17:19:35 EST 2006

I'm really not sure what the purpose of your publicized issue is, unless
you're just trolling for negative responses. I'd have assumed you have
received enough of them by now.

AFAIK, and I've been active with RR for many, many years, there are no fewer
or greater 'delayed bug fixes' than there have ever been.

Now, if hypothetically speaking you were a marketing person for a competing
product, and interested in driving potential users away from this
environment, and thus hurting it, I certainly could better understand the
motivation for such assertions on a friendly list such as this.

Typically, when I join a new list, I try and learn as much as I can about
the product and it's users before criticizing them publicly. You are
certainly welcome to profess any disdain for the product and company, just
know those of us who make a living using this product, may consider it more
than just your own naive <RANT>.

Sorry Tuesdays are so hard for you.

On 11/7/06, Luis <luis at> wrote:
> I wonder if the current issues with delayed bug fixes is indicating some
> sort of developer drop out, resulting in lower sales, therefore lower
> Rev resources.

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