error while saving the standalone application

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Tue Nov 7 15:53:36 EST 2006

Reinhold Venzl-Schubert wrote:
> Hi!
> I tried to save a stack as a standalone application. But at the end I 
> got the message:
> "There was an error while saving the standalone application"
> That as all, no more information!
> What can I do to find out the error?

Here are some common reasons for the standalone builder to fail:

1. The path to the stack contains non-ASCII characters, such as 
diacritical marks or accent marks.  Avoid the use of accented or 
non-ASCII characters in path names.

2. The standalone builder is set to search for inclusions but the stack 
is password protected. Select the inclusions manually instead, or remove 
the password.

3. Alternately, the standalone builder may be having trouble searching 
for the required inclusions regardless of password protection. Turn off 
"Search for required inclusions" and turn on "Select inclusions for the 
standalone application." Then choose the resources you need to include 
yourself in the Standalone Settings dialog.

4. The folder name is the same as your standalone's name. You need a 
unique folder name; make sure you select an empty folder with a name 
different from the standalone's name.  If you have previously built a 
standalone from the same stack, do not try to build a new one into the 
same folder. Trying to overwrite an existing standalone with a new one 
can casue problems. Rename or remove the old folder first, and then build.

5. Your source stack's file name does not use an extension, or uses an 
incorrect extension. Make sure your stack's file name ends with the 
extension ".rev"

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