Open Letter to Rev: Quality Is Job #1

Marielle Lange mlange at
Tue Nov 7 13:39:04 EST 2006

> Luis wrote in response to Jacque:
>> And, when elaborating a point for which you have no control is an  
>> especially telling consequence of an inability to be forthcoming  
>> with the facts. Just a thought.
> The above is a weak and wordy way of calling Jacque a liar.

Can you please stop this!?

My own understanding is that you put in Luis' mouth words he never had.

Take the facts: I had *exactly* the same problems as Luis. I sent 3  
emails to support, spaced by a week, I only got an answer only on the  
third email.

Take his perspective. He is a new guy, he tries to send emails to  
support, they don't get answered.... what is he supposed to think?

Take mine. My experience of support is that I generally get a prompt  
and helpful reply. When I recently failed to get a reply, I was  
surprised. But then, the next day, when I tried to connect to their  
forums, I saw that the website was temporarily down. This got me  
conclude that they are doing some major changes to their  
infrastructures. I toke it for a rather positive sign. I waited for a  
week or so ... and sent another email.

There is no question that Jacque is a very earnest and dedicated  
person and that she promptly  replies to each email she receives,  
trying to offer as much support as she can. However, as high as  
Jacque's or Heather dedications unquestionably are ... this doen't  
make Luis' comment in any way invalid. Luis didn't comment on  
Jacque's dedication. He commented on the fact that if some emails  
never got processed (got lost is some alternative cue), then this  
would make support rather inefficient.

But I don't see any benefit to push any discussion of this any  

At the period I had problems, another user reported a similar  
experience on the forum, so that was most probably some very  
temporary problem due to the change over to the new system... or  
problems caused by the fact that I replied to an old email back from  
support with a new request (rather than always make sure we use a  
brand new subject line).

Don't reply to an old ticket if you want to be sure that your request  
is treated promptly

That's all. No need to treat Luis to be the most decadent newbie we  
have every seen on this list just because he made that error and got  
very frustrated as a result.


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