Newbie information and list attitude

Heather Nagey heather at
Tue Nov 7 13:27:17 EST 2006

Dear List Members,

It has been drawn to my attention that we have some new list members  
who perhaps don't know as much about this community as they should.  
Let me rectify that.

This is a warm, helpful, giving community, and one of Revolution's  
greatest assets. Everyone on this list gives freely of their time and  
expertise to help people find answers to questions about Revolution.  
In particular the most experienced gurus on this list give with  
amazing generosity to help newbies. You know who you are. Please  
accept once again the sincere thanks of everyone at Revolution for  
the help you give here.

The rules of participation in this list include courtesy and  
tolerance of each other. It is not a venue to make personal attacks  
of any kind, and any inadvertent offence that may be caused should be  
promptly and sincerely atoned for.

It's easy to misinterpret an email. It doesn't contain enough  
information to know if you said it with a smile or a snarl. Please  
use smilies where appropriate, read your email carefully before you  
send to see whether it may inadvertently cause offence, and if you do  
cause offence that you did not intend, acknowledge it in a way that  
will not cause further offence.

If you intended to cause offence, this list is not for you.



ListMom and Customer Support Manager

Runtime Revolution Ltd

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