How Else to Interact with Browser (was Re:RevolutionWebBrowserPlugin)

Luis luis at
Tue Nov 7 11:37:46 EST 2006

Marielle Lange wrote:
>> The forum frontend ( is available for any 
>> passerby to see, and it is a very quiet place... Hence the 'sadest 
>> Forum I've seen' comment.
> Many have used these forums to make the same comments :-).

Now now, that would rally put newbies off!

>> I'm evaluating several development options, some of which track 
>> differently because the nature of some projects doesn't require full 
>> blown coding which is easily covered by other apps. Other projects do 
>> have that requirement, and I'm looking at least cost (both in software 
>> and development time) and then plough through with whatever options I 
>> have chosen.
> Then your "fishing" for information/causing reaction behaviour makes 
> sense. The different areas you poked are indeed important ones to 
> consider when evaluating a technology to use in future projects (to 
> depend on for possibly years to come).

It may seem deliberate, but the appearance of 'provocation' is a 
by-broduct of the questioning.

> As you are probably well aware of, the tricky question to answer with 
> revolution is to guess where the product would be in 3-5 years time. 
> Sure it is relatively easy to learn and rapid to program... but it also 
> tend to isolate you, getting you loose your flexibility. Reduced costs 
> now and possibly huge cost if you need to change your approach later on. 
> Similarly, without a good components approach, you could get stuff out 
> rapidly... but the cost of getting something out will remain about the 
> same over the years. With a components approach, you pay a higher cost 
> early on... but the cost progressively decreases.

Dev environments can take a sharp turn just round the corner, new 
technologies may render current stuff useless a few months down the 
line. That's where the concern comes from, making sure I'm doing the 
best I can to make sure I can still produce.

>> There will come a point, if that environment has not evolved into what 
>> I reckon it should (call this bug fixes, features, take your pick) I 
>> will drop it. This is my personal opinion, no better or worse than 
>> anyone else's.
> Six months ago, I expressed my concerns...
> The old direction (heads, top guys) replied to these concerns in a way 
> that got me to think that revolution will stay for the next 5 years at 
> about at the same place it has been for the last 10 years (including the 
> various precursors) and despite having had a huge head start being taken 
> over by other technologies.


> The new direction avoided promises and asked me to wait. Not used 
> revolution for 6 months.... Learned other technologies, other 
> frameworks. I am now in the process of evaluating it again.

That's where I'm at too, although I had not been a list member before.

> Nothing wrong with the questions you try to answer.... The problem is 
> that I cannot answer your questions today... I have some elements but 
> that I sworn to keep private. There are other answers I simply don't 
> have. That's the same for most persons on this list.
> If you have some serious business project in mind and a few features are 
> essential to your projects, why not contact revolution's management 
> directly and ask them whether there is any chance to have these features 
> implemented within 1-5 years?

The words 'blood' and 'stone' come to mind... And following on from your 
comments above I doubt it would be productive.



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