Open Letter to Rev: Quality Is Job #1

Hershel Fisch hershf at
Mon Nov 6 17:01:45 EST 2006

On 11/3/06 12:31 PM, "J. Landman Gay" <jacque at> wrote:

> Luis wrote:
>> Hershel Fisch wrote:
>>> And when I bought my copy in the beginning and paid for support and
>>> didn't
>>> any answers only after resending my questions several times and waiting a
>>> week or two and a few times didn't receive any respond at all I don't
>>> that¹s
>>> any better.
>> That's bad!! Did they provide appropriate answers to your queries?
> Repeatedly. I personally answered dozens of support questions from
> Hershel. I have just done a search of the support database and I see
> Heather answered many others too.

 Many questions where answered after a few requests and 2-3 weeks time.
I even had a whole discussion via email with Dar Scott, regarding this
But not to flair up the situation I'll except the reason that many questions
did get lost as you state below.

> Just to clarify, for those who are new: All support questions are
> answered. There are no exceptions. We never allow a question to languish
> and die. Ever. No exceptions.
> There are, however, instances where we do not receive your question.
> This may be what happened. One reason might be that your question has
> triggered a spam filter and was deleted before it got to the queue. This
> is rare, but I think it does occasionally happen.
> The second, much more common reason, is that the original ticket was a
> bug report or some other topic that gets shuttled to a non-support
> queue. We respond to the original ticket, and then move it into a
> special bug report or other related queue. Once it gets there, it is no
> longer displayed where we can see it. Someone enters the bug report into
> Bugzilla as a courtesy to the original poster and the support ticket is
> closed. If the customer then sends a reply to that ticket, we will never
> see it. It gets shuttled to a closed queue that the support people don't
> read. The next time someone goes through the closed queue, they will
> move the response to the open queue if they notice that it is a new
> response, but that is an easy thing to miss, and it can take many days
> before the ticket comes to our attention.
> Also, if I recall, Hershel's early questions originally came in before
> we had finished implementing our current ticket system. Before this was
> set up, messages did sometimes get lost. The erratic nature of the old
> system was one of the main reasons Runtime switched to the one we use
> now, which is much more reliable.
> So I can't stress enough: if  you do not receive a reply from tech
> support, we didn't get your note. There are no exceptions. We will
> always answer, even if it is just to say "I need to find out the
> answer." If you have waited more than 2 or 3 business days, then start a
> *new* request. All new tickets go into a sorting area, where someone
> will assign it to the correct person. We are guaranteed to receive these.
> Of course, please do not mention any body parts or drug names in the
> subject of your email. Those won't make it through to us. ;)

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