How Else to Interact with Browser (wasRe:RevolutionWebBrowserPlugin)

Dar Scott dsc at
Mon Nov 6 16:45:13 EST 2006

On Nov 6, 2006, at 2:12 PM, chris bohnert wrote:

> I think Dar illuminates some of the technical and strategic  
> problems that
> Rev faces in trying to create this new layer of "openness" without  
> just
> opening the code completely.

I am glad my whining could be illuminating.  (Of course, whining as  
illumination is not always a good thing such as the case when one is  
hiding from river pirates and the whining illuminates that one is in  
the starboard cupboard.  In this case one of the things my whining  
illuminates is that Dar is whining again instead of doing something.)


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