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Timothy Miller gandalf at
Sun Nov 5 21:39:51 EST 2006

Thanks Mark, Sarah, Judy, and others, very much.

I'm afraid I haven't benefited from the sample stacks generously 
offered, because I haven't been able to find them on RevOnLine, but I'm 
working on that, and will soon succeed.

It sounds like the general idea is pretty straightforward. I didn't 
realize the linkText property exists, and that I can set it as I like.

Pending study of the stacks suggested...

How would I set the linkText if I wanted the link to send a message, 
possibly with parameters or global variables, or execute a script?

As I think about it, I suppose that if I give each link a unique 
linkText, I can simply use "if" or "case" statements further up the 
hierarchy to send messages, execute scripts or whatever. Is that the 
right approach? Is there another way? -- Well, there's always another 
way, but is there another standard way?

I'm still a little fuzzy on the HTMLtext.

I know you can export a formatted field as HTML. Is it also possible to 
set the HTMLtext of a chunk in a field, so it displays and behaves 
according to the HTML tags I specify? (I understand RR uses a subset of 


Judy Perry wrote:
> Tim,
> You can also check out a simple stack I have explaining how to do this up
> on RevOnline in the Education category:  Hyperlinks in Transcript.
> HTH,
> Judy

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