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Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Sun Nov 5 06:55:20 EST 2006


You can use standard html links such as <a href="http://">click here</a> and get the actual link in the  
parameter sent with the linkClicked message.

I have uploaded an example to RevOnline. User space Mark, name of the  
stack is 4Tim. I will remove the stack tomorrow.




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Op 5-nov-2006, om 5:02 heeft Timothy Miller het volgende geschreven:

> As you might guess, I'm struggling with this topic -- links. I  
> submitted a bz report that probably wasn't a bug. I asked a  
> question on the list, thought I understood the helpful replies, but  
> it turns out I don't understand very well after all. I've  
> discovered several of my own misconceptions along the way. I've  
> been reading the instructions as best I can.
> Sorry to be a pest, but I've gotta ask somebody, and who else ya  
> gonna call?
> This time I'll try to ask small questions, one at a time. I have  
> several, but they're related. If I understand a few things, I can  
> probably figure out the rest.
> Here's a basic one.
> --Let's say I have several identical words in the same field (maybe  
> it's a rather long treatise), each defined as a link, by textStyle,  
> and I want each one to do something distinct when clicked.
> In other words, is there a way to assign something like
> <!--         <a href="">thisIsMyLink</ 
> a>        -->
> to a specific link in RR? (I commented this example, so you might  
> be able to read it in your HTML-enabled email client.)
> What I mean is that the link would point to something that doesn't  
> actually display in the field, which remains connected to the link,  
> even if the link gets moved around. It probably wouldn't be a URL.  
> More likely, the not-visible part of the link would be a handler,  
> or a few lines of script.
> In other, other words, is it possible to get a text link to work  
> kind of like a button?
> I understand how to do something simple like
> on linkClicked theText
>  if theText is not empty then revGoURL theText
> end linkClicked
> But that wouldn't work for the purpose I'm describing because the  
> text and format of the links would be identical, so "theText" would  
> also be identical.
> I'm wondering if there's some way to do this sort of thing without  
> referencing the clicked word or chunk function. That would be  
> cumbersome, because every time I edited the field, all the chunk  
> references would change.
> Can someone give me a general idea of how to do it, or where to  
> look it up? Or a sketch of a sample script might be helpful.
> As I read over my question, I begin to suspect this sort of thing  
> has to be exported to some HTML-capable application, like a web  
> browser. But, maybe not...
> Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. I'm taking my meds now,  
> so I won't be querulous  :-)
> Tim

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