Annoying invisible background color.

Bill bill at
Sat Nov 4 10:38:20 EST 2006

Background color is gray but looks white.

I thought this bug was fixed ages ago. If you try to print a card it comes
out gray even though the background is set to white and it appears white.
This is the special Scottish WYSIWY don't get -- I think.

I read the posts here all the time and really enjoy this community and every
once in a while I read a complaining post like mine and think "what a jerk"
but now I understand.

Those other people maybe do their stuff on RunRev and perhaps like me posted
a bug report three years ago and forgot about it. It has been three years
and the concept of WYSIWYG is still not applicable when you print a card.

Should I email this to RunRev tech support and not to this list?

I also remember that there is a complex work-around but I don't remember
what it was. I looked at my background color in the properties and see that
it is set to white but it seems to me that the background color of something
else (that appears just as white or clear) is what causes the problem. Maybe
every field has to be told not to be clear and to be white or god knows

In any case I think this is an annoying bug for everyone who tries to print.
If I want gray then  I would set the background of whatever I want gray to

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