Open Letter to Rev: Quality Is Job #1

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Fri Nov 3 21:45:46 EST 2006

Bill Marriott wrote:

> There was a period from 2/9/2006 to 5/13/2006 in which I received absolutely 
> NO email from Rev... including the use-rev list, support requests, trial key 
> requests, marketing materials, everything. (Luckily I had the gmane 
> newsgroup interface for the list.)
> The messages were NOT being caught in my ISP's or email client's spam 
> filter. It was some other problem. I tried writing RunRev about the issue 
> but never got a definitive response (to my "backup" MSN email). I assume the 
> problem was eventually caught by Rev, because it started working again.

The most common cause for this is when a whole range of IP addresses is 
blacklisted by one of the various "watchdog" groups on the net. Some 
places will blacklist an entire range of IP addresses rather than take 
the time to identify the IP of a single spammer. (Some providers have 
gone as far as blocking whole countries.) This is completely unfair, but 
it happens. There is no easy way for the sender (in this case, Runtime) 
to know where the block is or who initiated it. Eventually the block 
either expires or is removed, but that is up to the server doing the 
blocking, not the sender.

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