[ANN] Splitter Bar Object 1.0.0

Shao Sean shaosean at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 3 15:43:29 EST 2006

Thanks for the feedback Bernard, I did try to contact you off-list, but the 
domain part of your email didn't seem to resolve (could be an error on my 
end).. Anyways, on to my reply

  > Thanks for this widget
No problem :-)

  > With the calendar widget, I notice that once a day has been selected
  > and it appears as items in the data field, whenever one changes to a
  > new month or year using the widget, that is also copied to the data
I did that for the example, but it's not part of the Calendar Object.. There 
is a message sent whenever the calendar is updated (date clicked, month 
switched, etc) that you as the developer will need to handle if you want to 
do something when said calendar update happens..

There is a bug that I discovered in the Calendar object, but I honestly 
haven't had the time to fix it (but I am making time to go back and fix all 
outstanding bugs in all the libraries and objects :-)

  > With the time widget I found quite a few bugs
Yeah, it did become quite buggy after adding in the 12/24 hour switching 
code, but (as mentioned above) I will be looking at it real soon to get them 
all squashed..

If you (or anyone else) has fixed any bugs and you feel like helping out, 
please send me the fix so I can add it into the codebase..


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