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Fri Nov 3 12:46:25 EST 2006

Peter Alcibiades wrote:
> How does Revolution pick which fonts it uses for the user interface and how 
> does one change them?  
> For example, if I look at the reference documentation - dictionary, it is 
> displaying on my screen with font size 6 or so.  Maybe less.  Just about 
> readable with an effort, but needs reading glasses to avoid squints.  Very 
> uncomfortable - unusable in fact.  It is just the Revolution fonts that are 
> this way.  The title bar is perfectly normal and is set by Gnome.  If I go 
> into the gnome font control, and change the dpi settings, these just affect 
> the title bar fonts.  The Revolution stuff stays the same.  
> This is on Linux, evidently.  I have tried two distros, Mandriva 2006 and also 
> a new install of Debian Etch, on different hardware.  At the helpful 
> suggestion of support I've also tried installing xfs - and took associated 
> files along with that, to no effect.
> The effect is confined entirely to Revolution.  No other app does anything 
> like it, whether they are Gnome or KDE.  For instance, Knoda, Rekall, 
> RealBasic, Kexi.  The mail and web apps look fine.
> It surely must be possible to change this, but I cannot see anyplace in the 
> preferences or anywhere else to do it.
> Grateful for any suggestions!

Just to add a note: When Peter asked in support, I couldn't fully answer 
because all the guys who know are off at the Malta conference right now. 
I know part of the answer, which is this: Rev on Linux relies on the X11 
fonts. The font mapping has to be set up on the system to use these. And 
that's where my knowledge stops.

If any of you Linux guys know how to set up the X11 fonts and map the 
system to use them, that will solve Peter's problem I think. If you 
could post the instructions here, I will put them in my reference file 
for future inquiries about it. In the last couple of years we've only 
had one other person with this problem, and it was solved when he got 
the X11 fonts working.

Glad you posted here, Peter.

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