Trouble with sub stacks

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Fri Nov 3 11:30:47 EST 2006

Hi Dave,

Possibly, the problem is that although you hide the substack, it is  
still open and its style is still modal. Because it is modal, it  
probably blocks sent messages. Can't you just close the stack or use  
a different window style? Or call the handler directly instead of  
using the send command?

Additionally, it is a _very_ bad idea to call a stack "mainstack".  
Please, change the name of the stack. This might solve the infinite  
loop problem.




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Op 3-nov-2006, om 16:44 heeft Dave Herndon het volgende geschreven:

> I have a mainstack that serves as the main view of my database and  
> I edit the database by hiding and showing modal substacks.  When I  
> hide the substack I am able to use the command.
>   on mouseUp
>   hide stack "EditWindowSubstack"
>   go to card 1 of stack "mainstack"
>   PerformRefreshDbHandlerInStackScript
>   end mouseUp
>   However when I open a modal substack as a secondary view of the  
> database  say "secondViewSubstack" and then open the same  
> "EditWindowSubstack" as an edit tool on top ot it when it closes it  
> wont alow me to use the
>   go to card 1 of stack "secondViewSubstack"  OR
>   send a mouseup command to the "secondViewSubstack"
>   I am not closing the "EditWindowSubstack" I am just hiding it and  
> I can't use the set defaultstack because to ends up in an endless  
> loop asking me if I want to purge the old one before opening the  
> new one.  I tried using the lockmessages command still no good.   
> Any ideas ?  I just want to run a handler to refresh the screen  
> once I edit the database.  I have to physicaly click on the screen  
> to activate a send mouseup message of a go to message on that open  
> substack once I close the other one.
>   Thanks Dave

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