Link text style -- bug or feature ?

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Thu Nov 2 18:34:26 EST 2006


First of all, I wonder why one would set the textStyle of an entire  
field to link? I would handle the mouseUp message instead. This may  
be my own personal view, but it is easier because you can modify a  
smaller amount of properties to make it work, it also gives you more  
freedom to alter something afterwards.

The docs say about linkClicked: "Sent when the user clicks grouped  
text." If you set the style of a field to "bold" and enter text, the  
text looks bold, but it isn't. If you request for its style by  
entering "put the textStyle of char 1 of fld 1" in the message box,  
you should get an empty value returned.

When you click on a text, Revolution doesn't check the textStyle of  
the field but the textStyle of the text. Since the textStyle is  
empty, the linkClicked message is not sent.

I understand that everybody who doesn't agree will say it is far- 
fetched, but I think this is a valid explantion and thus I doubt this  
is a bug. Then again, I probably wouldn't mind if this behaviour were  
changed, because I won't set the textStyle of a field to link anyway.

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>>  -------Original Message-------  From: Timothy Miller Date:  
>> 11/02/06 21:42:05 To: How to use Revolution Subject: Link text  
>> style -- bug or feature ?  This arises from a question I asked on  
>> the forum, then solved on my own, by trial and error.  If I set  
>> the textstyle of a field to "link," by script or manually, text  
>> entered into that field looks like a link. It's blue and  
>> underlined. However, it doesn't act like a link. When clicked it  
>> sends a mouseUp, not a linkClicked. If I select the text, the  
>> "text" menu has a checkmark by "Plain," not by "Link"  Maybe it's  
>> a bug.  If not, I don't understand the point of being able to set  
>> the textstyle of a field to "link" and make the text look  
>> misleadingly like a link, if it's not a link.  The field inspector  
>> is ambiguous in this regard. The button that sets the style to  
>> "link" is marked with a "G" presumably for group. The tool tip  
>> says "Link text" That's ambiguous, too. Does it mean "set the  
>> style of text in this field to 'link'"? or does it mean "Link the  
>> text in this field"?  Maybe linking in this way affects the  
>> mousechunk function, and is intended for use with a mouseUp, not  
>> with a linkClicked. I haven't investigated that possibility yet.   
>> The user dictionary doesn't really settle the matter either. As  
>> things stand, it seems that "link" is a textStyle in one context  
>> -- if you select text and set the style of the text to link, but  
>> not in another -- if you set the textstyle of the field to "link"   
>> I alread BZ'd this. I probably should'a asked here first.   
>> Comments welcome.  Tim

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