Link text style -- bug or feature ?

Timothy Miller gandalf at
Thu Nov 2 17:36:28 EST 2006

Right. A field won't send a mouseUp unless it's locked. I don't think it 
will send a linkClicked, either. The field was locked in all cases. That 
wasn't the issue.



Viktoras Didziulis wrote:
> As far as I remember links will work only when field they are in is locked.
> Viktoras
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> From: Timothy Miller 
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> Subject: Link text style -- bug or feature ? 
> This arises from a question I asked on the forum, then solved on my own, 
> by trial and error. 
> If I set the textstyle of a field to "link," by script or manually, text 
> entered into that field looks like a link. It's blue and underlined. 
> However, it doesn't act like a link. When clicked it sends a mouseUp, 
> not a linkClicked. If I select the text, the "text" menu has a 
> checkmark by "Plain," not by "Link" 
> Maybe it's a bug. 
> If not, I don't understand the point of being able to set the textstyle 
> of a field to "link" and make the text look misleadingly like a link, if 
> it's not a link. 
> The field inspector is ambiguous in this regard. The button that sets 
> the style to "link" is marked with a "G" presumably for group. The tool 
> tip says "Link text" That's ambiguous, too. Does it mean "set the style 
> of text in this field to 'link'"? or does it mean "Link the text in this 
> field"? 
> Maybe linking in this way affects the mousechunk function, and is 
> intended for use with a mouseUp, not with a linkClicked. I haven't 
> investigated that possibility yet. 
> The user dictionary doesn't really settle the matter either. As things 
> stand, it seems that "link" is a textStyle in one context -- if you 
> select text and set the style of the text to link, but not in another -- 
> if you set the textstyle of the field to "link" 
> I alread BZ'd this. I probably should'a asked here first. 
> Comments welcome. 
> Tim 
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