Revolution Web Browser Plugin

Viktoras Didziulis viktoras at
Thu Nov 2 16:49:03 EST 2006

Well, when I stumbled upon it I had exactly the same feeling. Still feel it
and still wonder why ?.. 
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From: John Craig 
Date: 11/02/06 23:41:08 
To: How to use Revolution 
Subject: Re: Revolution Web Browser Plugin 
Just a side comment - I had never heard of Rev and was pleasantly 
surprised when I accidentally stumbled upon it. It's the industry's 
best kept sectret - ssshhhhhh! 
Viktoras Didziulis wrote: 
> let's hope somebody will do this within the next 5 years ;-). I wonder why

> Rev attracted so few Open Source developers and people willing to share 
> their code 
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