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jhonken jhonken at
Thu Nov 2 15:55:15 EST 2006

  The linux standalone is non existent so far in any version of 2.7.x.
I've been emailing Runrev on a regular basis asking for it before I
upgraded from my 2.6.1.  They won't give me a time frame but keep
telling me it'll be ready soon.  If you're wanting linux stick with
2.6.1.  It works ok.

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I am running Rev Studio 2.7.4 and notice that in the standalone
applications settings, I don't have the option of producing a Linux app.
The message at the top of the preferences pane reads, "Build for Linux &
Unix will be available in 2.7.x"  I would think that would be now, huh?

So either my version of RR thinks its actually an older version or
something else is wrong.  Any ideas?


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