Link text style -- bug or feature ?

Timothy Miller gandalf at
Thu Nov 2 14:41:51 EST 2006

This arises from a question I asked on the forum, then solved on my own, 
by trial and error.

If I set the textstyle of a field to "link," by script or manually, text 
entered into that field looks like a link. It's blue and underlined. 
However, it doesn't act like a link. When clicked it sends a mouseUp, 
not a linkClicked. If I select the text,  the "text" menu has a 
checkmark by "Plain," not by "Link"

Maybe it's a bug.

If not, I don't understand the point of being able to set the textstyle 
of a field to "link" and make the text look misleadingly like a link, if 
it's not a link.

The field inspector is ambiguous in this regard. The button that sets 
the style to "link" is marked with a "G" presumably for group. The tool 
tip says "Link text" That's ambiguous, too. Does it mean "set the style 
of text in this field to 'link'"? or does it mean "Link the text in this 

Maybe linking in this way affects the mousechunk function, and is 
intended for use with a mouseUp, not with a linkClicked. I haven't 
investigated that possibility yet.

The user dictionary doesn't really settle the matter either. As things 
stand, it seems that "link" is a textStyle in one context -- if you 
select text and set the style of the text to link, but not in another -- 
if you set the textstyle of the field to "link"

I alread BZ'd this. I probably should'a asked here first.

Comments welcome.


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