Open Letter to Rev: Quality Is Job #1

Hershel Fisch hershf at
Thu Nov 2 12:21:49 EST 2006

> When I bought Rev, what, a month or so ago, I had a problem. Sure, I
> was getting to grips with it, but I couldn't understand why it was
> behaving that way. As my first port of call, as a new user, I emailed
> Rev support: What I got back was a possible indicator as to the
> cause, but was recommended that I address the use-list to solve the
> problem. I did not feel that was appropriate. You wouldn't expect
> grandma to say 'Go ask a stranger' when you ask her what to do about
> the nappy rash. I expected a more positive response and it did not
> feel like it.
And when I bought my copy in the beginning and paid for support and didn't
any answers only after resending my questions several times and waiting a
week or two and a few times didn't receive any respond at all I don't that¹s
any better.

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