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Thu Nov 2 12:02:48 EST 2006

Actually even in unicode the capital and lowercase Roman characters are 20
units appart.

In old programming style, you would just add 20 to the
numtochar(chartonum("A")) to get the lowercase 'a' and it works from a to

Unfortunately, for other characters like diacriticals this logic is broken
and up to the OS maker. And glad we are that the french academy (who makes
the rules on french) will not sue you or imprison you for not capitalizig a
diacritical e aigu in a sentence beginning! Though at one point it was
almost made into law in France not to use english words on the radio/TV
thanks to these illuminated fools...

I assume for other languages (chinese, hebrew, arabic, etc) there's maybe
some logic, but seeing diacriticals in western languages and the way they
are in the ascII chart, I doubt it. At least at first sight there doesn't
seem to be any logic...

I don't know how HyperTalk, MetaCard or RunRev could handle that. Maybe it's
time to write a character case-parser plugin.

just my 2 cents...


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> BUT . . .
> for those of us who stray into the Cyrillic alphabet and 
> other non-Roman writing systems . . .
> The RR documentation points out that toLower and toUpper only 
> function with the first 128 ASCII codes.
> Which is a shame.
> Which means that RR is not entirely Unicode compliant.
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