RevCon - How To Increase Rev Profile

sims sims at
Wed Nov 1 23:44:07 EST 2006

At 5:51 PM -0600 11/1/06, J. Landman Gay wrote:
>Kay C Lan wrote:
>>I understand that EuroRevCon will be starting shortly. (Luckieeee).
>>I'm sure one of the 'between seminar' chat topics will be why Rev
>>isn't as popular as it should be and what can be done to put it into
>>the lime light. Here's one option:
>>I guess maybe Kevin could specify a RevCon dress code from now on:-)

Wouldn't help here in Malta...everyone dresses like that here.
Even all those thousands of 18 year old Swedish students that are 
here to learn English
dress like that.

You people don't know what you are missing by not attending the EuroRevCon.


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