Having problems with numberformat....

Dar Scott dsc at swcp.com
Wed Nov 1 23:26:26 EST 2006

On Nov 1, 2006, at 8:57 PM, David Bovill wrote:

> Well I am stuck. I have not idea why it does not work. I cannot  
> pass these
> 12 place decimals as parameters and why the script below does not  
> work beats
> me :(

By the way, the numberFormat setting is not needed for a level of  
arithmetic accuracy.  The result of arithmetic is always about 15  
digits.  The numberFormat comes into play the first time the result  
of arithmetic is used as text.

The result of arithmetic will also pass as parameters just fine  
(though converted to text with numberFormat coming into play when  
passed using send).

Literals do not need the zeros out to 12 places.

So numberFormat is not used until the final result is put into the  
message box.  This should generate the same result:

on mouseDoubleUp
   put 0.006911491563 into projectedWidth
   get -1 * projectedWidth
   set the numberformat to "#.000000000000"
   put it
end mouseDoubleUp

Maybe you have some similar handler in a front script or in a button  
or something that is fooling with this.


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