Having problems with numberformat....

David Bovill david at openpartnership.net
Wed Nov 1 20:15:58 EST 2006

I am puzzled... I"m dealing with numbers to 12 decimal places, so when doing
maths on them I nedd to set the number format first to deal with this level
of accuracy - fine, except I can"t figure it - sometimes it is working and
sometimes not :(

Here is my test script:

on mouseDoubleUp
    set the numberformat to "#.000000000000"
    put 0.006911491563 into projectedWidth
    put -1.000000000000 * projectedWidth
end mouseDoubleUp

When I pasted this on a new stacks card script and doule click I get:


When I paste the 3 lines of the handler into the message box - I get what i
would expect:



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