my Variable watcher no longer appears in debug mode

Bill Marriott wjm at
Wed Nov 1 17:39:00 EST 2006

They keep saying "if you build it they will come" ... oh no, wait, that's a 
baseball field. What they actually keep saying is, "if you BugZilla it, they 
will fix it." So, I suggest you enter it into BugZilla and see how many Rev 
revs it will take to be attended to.

(I've seen this behavior as well, but I just became accustomed to setting 
the windows to the screenloc in the message window. [Hopefully the message 
window itself will never fall victim to this bug; then what would I do?] 
After you BZ it, let us know the link so we can vote.)

"Dave" <dave at> wrote in 
message news:C71D92BB-4F41-4074-A7F6-77A1900B14C0 at
> Hi,
> This problem had be stumped for days too, not just with the variable 
> window, but in my case it happened to the documentation window so I 
> couldn't even search the docs for an answer (not that it would have 
> helped since as far as I can tell it doesn't give any information on  the 
> subject).
> I have now created a stack that does a show and a set screenLoc some  of 
> the IDE windows, would it be a good idea to create a stack that  somehow 
> can dynamically grab all the IDE stacks that can be affected  in this way 
> show and screenLoc them? A Plugin or a an inbuilt command  inside the IDE 
> might be the best approach. Comments?

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