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Wed Nov 1 01:37:30 EST 2006

Ouch, what did I said at 4 AM waking up?!

I wrote a huge response for 2 hours... positive but giving away too many

Lets rewrite clearer... sorry for the offensive words this morning to the
better knowing...

What I mean is that you can use rev on the web but via cgi.

You can't manipulate stack parts, but then there's a bigger DOM world out
there for the taking... I haven't tried ajax with the cgi though... don't
know if it will handle the threads either - BUT with svg graphics, ajax
techniques something IS definitely possible! ;)

Using Apache is probably easier and more efficient though ;)

Rev in a web page makes and doesn't make sense, though... For one, rev an an
application maker, makes it too easy compared to the hastle of making web

And take the browser's added weight/distraction away too! And it's faster in
response time too. Alas, Rev is not as standard looking as the browser
(starting but there's a big detail missing... it doesn't have the text
publishing and DOM support.

Using rev to make web plugin applications would be awesome! Easy! Yet it
wouldn't support DOM. HTML either wouldn't be supported correctly via
clipboard, and the buttons wouldn't be as awkward looking sometimes... is possible though... surely...

Rev in a Web in a plugin?

Unlike Acrobat you can't really do text formating without QuarkXpress-like
layouts in rev (watchout for text overflow...). Actually you can't make a
simple "wordpad" emulator. You can't have different alignments per
paragraph! Actually you can...

Unlike real html, you can't do pretty tables in rev easily either... Yes,
there's workarounds, but then the effort required is multiplied a lot (like
per column field)! And if you need to change the fixedlineheight to
non-fixed, you loose the hgrids, scrolling and selecting becomes a chore in
screen updates too...

I wrote for three hours about this because this is a can of worms! And I've
gone through it not just once... so maybe a rev plugin for graphics would be
cool but... im not sure it's going to be compatible or as good looking as
the web parts around it... 

And I learned quite a bit from it! Mostly that you use the web for remote
work. Firewalls can be a blocker for compiled apps using ports for example
or you can't run any downloaded exe in some corporate networks/computer
builds sometimes. But compiled apps are much faster than any web based
system - no matter how fast your network! Ajax resolves this a bit... It
sure makes the web closer to runrev in appearance but it's still far (light
years) from being as easy as making apps in rev. 

Problem is that web development goes faster than light... The good thing is
that rev can serve up any web page anytime you ask it... just point your
browser to to any port 80 socket waiting stack! What it replies is
just a question of what you throw at it from rev! 

Thanks to Chipp, there's a solution to that text formating issue with
alignments for your stacks. making html tables and dropping them into an
altbrowser fields should be easy!

twas my 2 cents in 3 hours :)

A thousand excuses for the offlist-intended rudeness intended for those who
tend to say no and add personal opinions or noise to signal. I wanted to say
something fair and concrete to not disfavor neither rev's achievements and
it's users needs.

Certainly web delivery of your stack would be cool! We can't deny the fact
and lack of feature...

Good morning Europe

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> offlist...
> this has been requested since years (at least 5) continually.
> unfortunately it's been ignored or put-off or you will get a 
> marketing lesson from those who think they know better in the 
> mailist...
> cheers
> Xavier
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> > I just tried searching Bugzilla for anything related to an 
> enhancement 
> > request for a Web Browser Plugin that would allow 
> Revolution Projects 
> > to be viewed within Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and 
> any other 
> > browser out there.  Sadly, I didn't see anything.
> > 
> > Has anyone requested this type of enhancement before?  If 
> not, is this 
> > something to request, or is there some genius programmer out there 
> > already working on something like this?
> > 
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