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Paul Claude paulclaude at
Tue May 30 02:44:23 CDT 2006

> Suppose that you want to accommodate for the possibility to change
> user names. You would have to supply new license codes all the time.
> This doesn't only undermine the protective power of your licensing
> scheme, it also increases the danger of old license codes being lost
> and found by opportunists. Additionally, it demands an increasingly
> large amount of resources from your support department, due to the
> complexity of your license scheme.


> Most people who pirate software will never become customers anyway.
> Taking funding away from customer-centric enhancements and marketing
> rarely pays bigger dividends than focusing on the experience of the
> legitimate user.

You're right. But do you think the best solution is to make a simple
semi-universal license code that will travel over the internet together with
your app?

Maybe. All depends from the percentage of piracy affecting your app. Surely
any protection can be hacked and all apps can be cracked, but the problem is
that one thing is to hack & crack, another thing is simply to copy the
'universal' serial for your app from the serial databases easily available
on the internet.

Probably marketing studies will confirm that is better to 'accept' some
piracy, but letting your customer a very easy license code use. I hope
someone will discover a method (other than $USER or E-net address) to solve
this old question.


Paul Claude
ZiggySoft Software
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